ARRIS Whole Home Solution

Enabling Operators to Meet Consumer Demand for Converged Home Network and IP Content and Services

The ARRIS IP Video Architecture is designed to accelerate the introduction and deployment of an open, scalable, converged, IP Video service offering over cable that is both capital and operational expense efficient. The ARRIS IP Video Architecture relies upon the inherently flexible IP domain to preserve the operators’ existing MPEG infrastructure investment while ensuring maximum utilization of bandwidth. The ARRIS IP Video Architecture is supports operators who prefer to start with a hybrid IP and MPEG/DVB approach as well as those that want to migrate to a full IP architecture in one step. This is achieved through convergence in the network elements creating, acquiring and delivering services to the subscriber and in the subscriber client devices creating the user’s personal media consumption experience.

The subscriber client component of the ARRIS IP Video Architecture is the ARRIS Whole Home Solution. The ARRIS Whole Home Solution includes a family of Media Gateway and Player products with the Moxi® User Interface to support hybrid and full IP architectures. These Gateways and Players combine simultaneous use of feature-rich video and telephony services, multi-room DVR, Wi-Fi, DOCSIS® 3.0 data rates, and other services. This solution answers the demand for a single service provider offering that provides multi-room subscriber access to unicast and multicast content—whether via cable, over the top, or the subscriber’s personal media on their home network.

ARRIS Whole Home Gateway