Optimized Optical and HFC Solutions

Expect More from Your Network

  • Make success-based investments in existing HFC infrastructure
  • Deliver new subscriber features on existing fiber
  • Provide more capacity for new targeted services
  • Expand capacity on existing fiber infrastructure with multi wavelength solutions
  • Deliver new services with minimal CAPEX
  • Extend competitive edge with faster deployment
  • Enhance network efficiency and subscriber satisfaction
  • Increase network flexibility for new services
  • Maximize investments without a major forklift
  • Invest in long term growth strategies with minimal CAPEX
  • Improved speed to market with new / upgraded services

Next-generation IP demand-oriented networks are about getting more profits flowing through the pipe and maximizing existing plant infrastructure. To get there, broadband operators not only have to re-configure their network infrastructure, they also have to re-think the way the system needs to operate.

For example, instead of just building a fatter pipe, today's broadband operators need to make sure they are also building a smarter pipe, one designed to optimize bandwidth capacity and performance to efficiently transport next-generation voice, high-speed data, and video with on demand services – from source to consumption, through national, regional, and local delivery. By developing a full range of modular, interoperable access products and solutions, ARRIS is able to supply cable operators with increased capacity to grow and manage their network, while ensuring the scalability, flexibility, and reliability they require.

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Optimized Optical HFC

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