ARRIS Touchstone Solutions

Touchstone® Customer Premises Equipment

Cable Modems

Subscribers want their internet to be two things, fast and worry free. Cable operators deploy services to meet the speed expectations, and trust ARRIS to provide the cable modems that deliver the reliability. ARRIS offers cable operators DOCSIS compliant 2.0 and 3.0 cable modems to meet any market environment or subscriber need. Some operators prefer to deploy DOCSIS 3.0 modems to future proof their capital expenditures, while others focus on the growing trends in home wireless networking, or modems that are prepared for self installation. Even custom configured and direct to consumer fulfilled modem kits are available to help execute any type of program or operator promotion. ARRIS has products, quality, and expertise to support all of these data service scenarios.

Residential E-MTA

To succeed in the residential communications services market, cable operators need to be able to supply and support reliable voice and data services for their subscribers. Critical to delivering these services is the quality and reliability of the endpoint device, the E-MTA (Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adaptor). ARRIS understands the importance of this unit in the successful deployment of combined voice and data services, and has worked countless hours with MSO’s worldwide to ensure compatibility and quality of service from their devices. Each E-MTA offers carrier grade voice service quality, to meet and exceed subscribers expectations; battery back-up, for telephony service in the case of a power outage; multiple diagnostic tools to measure and monitor any issues with the unit’s battery, the home’s inside wiring, the home’s telephony equipment, or other network problems. These key features keep the cable operator informed and alerted to any instances of issues with the subscriber’s service related to the product.

To ensure top level support to operators, ARRIS prepares all their own software and firmware for product operation, and thus can diagnose and rectify product problems locally as opposed to those with products designed and developed in other parts of the world with no local technical support. With 10’s of millions of lines being operated today on ARRIS telephony modems by cable operators worldwide, ARRIS takes pride is supporting each and every customer deploying an ARRIS branded device.

DOCSIS 3.0 Solutions

The introduction of DOCSIS 3.0 technology again puts cable operators at the forefront of the communications competitive offering. DOCSIS 3.0 enables tremendous amounts of data to be exchanged at some of fastest rates commercially available. To help cable operators make the transition to DOCSIS 3.0 and enable the capabilities and services DOCSIS 3.0 makes available, ARRIS has developed a comprehensive line of DOCSIS 3.0 compatible CPE. The DOCSIS 3.0 line of Touchstone products provides an operator with high quality, fully scaled and tested end point devices that can be installed at the consumer premise with confidence. These Touchstone devices are all backwards compatible with DOCSIS 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0 to position the operator in the process of upgrading, or planning an upgrade, to make one investment in CPE that will migrate into the future seamlessly for both the operator and the subscriber.

The ARRIS Touchstone CPE products are a portfolio of solutions to support cable operators as they develop services for their upgraded DOCSIS 3.0 markets. This line of products incorporates data-only modems, 2-line E-MTAs, and integrated wireless modems. All telephony-enabled products are equipped with battery back-up for emergency use during a power outage and diagnostic tools for remote fault detection for inside wiring, off-hook instances, or network challenges that may affect a subscriber’s experience. These features help cable operators ensure that they are providing the best quality service to their subscribers.

Small-Medium Business Solutions

The competition to provide voice and data services to the growing small and medium sized business market continues to be fierce. Cable operators realize the opportunity in this space, and ARRIS provides the equipment that enables those cable operators to address the SMB and multiple dwelling unit markets. Servicing these markets requires carrier class service, support, and features that keep a small office productive. With multi-line CPE to support 2, 4, 8, and 12 line environments with voice and data, ARRIS Touchstone products supply cable operators with the premise equipment to compete in the space. These units are all capable of supporting carrier grade communications, and CLASS services (CID type II, call conferencing, call forwarding, etc.) as well as up to 24 hours of battery back-up time in the case of a power outage.

Wireless Gateways

Many homes and small offices are moving to wireless networks, and many cable operators see the need to accommodate this trend as either a competitive necessity, or an opportunity to potentially raise ARPU with an offering of wireless networking. To truly capitalize on this market, cable operators are moving to the ARRIS WTM652, allowing them to bring their subscribers high speed data, a whole home/office wireless routing, and two lines of carrier grade telephony service. The wireless router both adds tremendous value to the home or small office, and provides a level of “stickiness” for the cable operator. To protect the subscriber’s data and support the small business environment, the WTM652 has been equipped to support multiple SSIDs and multiple options for security, including WPA, WPA2, WEP, and MAC authentication. Operators or subscribers can enable the device for full wireless 802.11b/g coverage, or LAN coverage via the 4 port 10/100 Ethernet, whichever better suits the subscriber’s needs and environment.

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