Leading the market in advertising management solutions


  • Drive down operational costs through automated content ingest and distribution, end-to-end schedule and verification management, and real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Reduce advertising CAPEX with an open, standards-based platform that is full-featured, tightly integrated, incrementally-deployable, and highly-scalable.
  • Strengthen partner relationships with add-on Interconnect management tools
  • Develop incremental revenue opportunities by extending linear advertising campaigns to the second and third screens
  • Rely on proven and complete back office suite to manage zone-based targeting and deliver high run rates

SkyVision is the market leading linear advertising back office used by most of the top MSOs to run their local advertising business. Built on ARRIS’ 15+ years of experience in ad insertion, SkyVision has helped operators transition their business from Analog to Digital ad insertion and expand their digital services to support both SD and HD ad insertion. As the market continues to evolve and operators invest in the means to deliver content to an ever broader array of IP-connected devices, they need the tools to capitalize on the new advertising opportunities that will materialize.

  • Efficient scheduling, monitoring & reporting
  • Reliable ad distribution methods
  • Multiple system interface display options
  • Virtually interconnect with advertising partners

ARRIS Advertising Solutions focus on increasing revenue, simplifying operations and supporting future scalability for new service offerings. Built on a robust Linux platform, SkyVision coordinates the interactions between Traffic and Billing Systems, content sources (encoder and archives), transcoding components, and Ad Servers. Providing advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities, SkyVision simplifies complex monitoring and management tasks and allows operators to know how systems are performing and be alerted in time to correct problems before they impact revenue.