ServAssure Performance Management

Perfect Your Service Quality and Network Performance

ServAssure Performance Management

  • Significantly enhance network reliability, capacity, and quality
  • Improve operator efficiency through expert network monitoring and preventative maintenance
  • Analyze high-resolution network data to continuously improve reliability, performance, and capacity
  • Manage key customer service metrics for dramatic improvements in quality and satisfaction
  • Exceed subscriber expectations for high-quality data and VoIP services and build customer loyalty

Rapid growth in subscribers, services, and traffic is challenging MSOs to profitably and responsively manage their increasingly complex DOCSIS networks. With ARRIS ServAssure Performance Management, operators have a complete view of network health to proactively manage high-speed data and VoIP performance and quality of service. ServAssure’s proven analytics detect degraded performance and network quality issues. And dramatic enhancements in reliability, performance, and quality improve not only customer satisfaction but also the operator’s bottom line. ServAssure improves network capacity, performance, and reliability not with additional hardware but with continuous, detailed performance analysis, unique preventative maintenance, and expert recommendations. Accurate quality-of-service information enables MSOs to proactively assure their network services and also field new service plans. ServAssure offers MSOs a platform for world-class customer satisfaction. ServAssure correlates and analyzes subscriber traffic and connectivity measurements to create a series of unique, accurate measures of an individual customer’s performance, service availability, and quality that enable operators to drive satisfaction up. ServAssure customers have seen 94% reduction in degraded customer experiences, 90% reduction in peak latency and 56% reduction in average latency, 100% elimination of service slowdowns, and an 87% increase in network capacity without adding spectrum or modulation. ServAssure delivers significantly increased capacity, quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction and significantly decreased CAPEX and OPEX.

  • Proactive network and service assurance
  • Multi-service outage detection
  • Customer experience monitoring
  • Proactive power supply management
  • Customer-focused operational support

ARRIS ServAssure Advanced Performance Management is one of the modular offerings in the comprehensive ARRIS ServAssure suite of network and service management solutions. ServAssure Advanced is specifically designed to provide you with comprehensive subscriber experience monitoring and management. Including complete data-collection compatibility with multiple vendors, ServAssure Advanced transforms raw data into meaningful information to help you take full control of cable’s last mile. In addition, you can proactively find, assess and manage High Speed Data (HSD) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) quality in real-time.