Deployment Services

ARRIS Deployment Services can help operators maximize the value of their network investments by providing services tailored to the requirements of each operator’s unique deployment requirements. ARRIS deployment services are provided by personnel with domestic and international deployment experience helping operators capture new revenue streams quickly. ARRIS offers complete deployment services of all ARRIS solutions worldwide, including;

  • Site surveys
  • Installation
  • System line-up and tests
  • Provisioning
  • Commissioning
  • Software load and configure
  • RF cabling
  • Building superstructure
  • Other custom services

ARRIS Deployment Services also offers project planning and program management services to focus on the project milestones and deliverables. ARRIS Deployment Services effectively manages all project elements to reduce time-to-market, ensure on-time completion, and maintain budgetary constraints.

  • Serve as a primary contact for all deployment related issues
  • Maintain and publishes the project schedule and status
  • Coordinate meetings and conference calls to assign and track tasks
  • Ensures that quality, schedule and budgetary objectives are met
  • Coordinate vendor activities as required
  • Coordinate resolution of all project issues
  • Update weekly status reports
  • Coordinate and track all deliverables associated with the project

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Global Professional Services

As the leaders in cable telephony, ARRIS brings the experience, dedication, and resources to help your company deploy a successful telephone business. Based on field experience with hybrid fiber coax network operators around the world, we know the ins and outs of the business. We've packaged this expertise under the banner of ARRIS Global Professional Services. From business case development to volume deployment we're here to help you accelerate your business into one of the industry's most exciting new opportunities: competitive telephone service!

Whichever cable telephony system you use, ARRIS Global Professional Services can help. Our specialized subscription service will identify deficiencies in your operation and allow you to make accurate management decisions with up-to-date information. We gather and analyze information about your network by accessing it directly or by setting up an automated e-mail notification service. We will formulate intelligent information about your network, package it, and report it to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as appropriate.

  • RF Traffic Engineering
  • Daily traffic information
  • Trending of traffic patterns
  • HFC Analysis Network Interface Unit
  • RF Transmit levels
  • Equipment change of state/loss of communication
  • Frequency hops
  • Trending of HFC characteristics

Network System Design Services

ARRIS offers network system design services tailored to meet each operators unique network environment, utilizing the operator’s designated network architecture and design requirements. ARRIS is a full design service provider including digitizing, designing, drafting, BOMs, system performance calculations and network technical summaries. ARRIS offers total computer generated and optimized network designs with fast turnaround time on most designs.

Value Added Services

Through dedicated facilities and resources, we can offer a wide array of value added services that provide customers with convenience, labor savings and reduced possession and transaction costs. These services are almost always customized to our customers’ specific situations or requirements.