AdManager Enterprise

Simplifying operations with consolidated management solutions

AdManager Enterprise

  • Reduce OPEX through consolidated monitoring of MSO-wide advertising systems and operations
  • Improve time-to-resolution of issues
  • Reduce impact to revenue through advanced troubleshooting capabilities
  • Increase run rate performance

Advertising services form a crucial revenue stream for cable operators. However, increased competition from other advertising media add pressure to operate both more efficiently and more reliably. Doing so can be labor-intensive for large systems with ad insertion headend servers distributed across multiple operation centers. ARRIS AdManager™ Enterprise provides a common management interface for operation centers running multiple instances of SkyVision HQ. AdManager Enterprise aggregates schedules, verification logs, ad copy status and system health information from all sites and provides a complete and integrated set of monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting tools, all packaged in an intuitive web-based GUI. By rolling up operator-wide information on a single system, AdManager Enterprise helps operators lower operating expenses and reduce troubleshooting time to catch issues before they impact advertising revenue.

  • Manage operations across all HQs and DPI headends
  • Simplify management through intuitive dashboard widgets
  • Reduce troubleshooting time through advanced notification and troubleshooting tools

AdManager Enterprise increases profitability through more efficient monitoring and troubleshooting. While operators continue to scale their regional and local headend operations to support the growth of their ad insertion business, AdManager Enterprise provides them the means to deliver the most reliable advertising services while keeping expenses in check.